Z+P Wedding at RCMI

What do you do when you want an intimate wedding with your family and friends but don’t want all the fuss of actually doing a wedding? Surprise wedding!!!

Zoe & Phil’s closest family & friends were invited to an intimate engagement party at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Downtown Toronto, Ontario. 10 minutes into the party Phil made the announcement that this was, in fact, their wedding day.

Fun fact – Phil’s parents came along to their impromptu engagement session and I had to pretend to be Zoe’s friend who just happens to also be a photographer, so we didn’t give away the surprise.

Even though this wedding was indoors, in January, after sunset, I still freaking love all the photos. There were so many emotions that day and I’m not ashamed to admit I had to hide my tears behind the camera on more than one occasion.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Zoe & Phil for trusting me, for inviting me into their most intimate family circle and being fake BFFs with me, even though I am a pretty terrible liar.

Xoxo, Ella

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