Hey Sexy

Aside from a fancy sounding french word, Boudoir is quite the experience.

Besides the obvious thrill of stripping down to your intimates in front of a stranger (I promise I’m nice!), there’s something magical that happens when we take the time to celebrate our bodies & our souls. Our boudoir style is sexy yet classy – our aim is to capture your feminine beauty & unique vibe rather than merely photograph body parts.

Our Downtown Toronto Studio is filled with the most gorgeous light that will make you look like a freaking rockstar! It’s like an automatic Instagram filter – makes your skin glow & eyes sparkle. Our expertise in photographing boudoir is extensive – over 200 sessions to date. We are more than happy to help with posing, facial expressions and even a little pep talk should you need it.

We believe...

  • You’re never too old to do anything
  • All bodies are beautiful, no ifs, ands, or buts (Okay sometimes there’s Butts 😉 )
  • In Boudoir as self care
  • Clothes are overrated
  • Frilly lingerie is underrated
  • Every woman should have a Boudoir experience, at least once in their lives



  • 45 Minute Session
  • Includes Studio Rental
  • Web-Res Images Only



  • 90 Minute Session
  • Includes Studio Rental
  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • 8×8 20-page gift album
  • High-Res Images
  • Rush Processing

Let’s do this!